Benton Knocks Off Caddo Magnet to Win Louisiana Tech Winter Tournament


Benton High School traveled across the border from Arkansas this weekend win the Second Annual Louisiana Tech Winter Tournament. After 10 Preliminary and Playoff rounds, Benton held a 1 game advantage against Caddo Magnet going into the finals. Benton held a comfortable lead throughout the first finals game before Vincent Huang led a Caddo Magnet comeback, ending in a 250-245 victory after the final question resulted in a Benton Neg and a 30 on the Bonus for Caddo Magnet.

Benton High School (Arkansas) - 1st Place

Benton High School (Arkansas) – 1st Place


Throughout the final game, Benton once again held a comfortable lead, though the second time around they allowed no Caddo Magnet comeback. Benton won the tournament behind a dominant 1-2 punch from juniors Sam Bell (87.92 PPG) and Caleb Webb (36.67 PPG), with support from Senior Dawn Le and Sophomore Matt Howard.

Caddo Magnet - 2nd Place

Caddo Magnet – 2nd Place

Caddo Magnet was led by the dominant senior Vincent Huang (100.42 PPG) with contributions from Deniz Gungor, Taha Hayat, and Danielle Krefft. River Oaks finished in 3rd, just behind Benton and Caddo Magnet, behind Ben Zollinger’s (102 PPG) superior performance. Zollinger led all individuals in the preliminary rounds with 128 PPG. Seniors Cole DeWitt, Haley Morris, Shaji Ul-Islam contributed to the River Oaks performance.

River Oaks - 3rd Place

River Oaks – 3rd Place


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